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Research support services

We can deliver as much or as little of the project as required, from simple feasibility assessment to final publication.

Research Support Services OPCRD
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Patient and site recruitment

OPC provides a site and patient identification and recruitment service, to support recruitment of suitable sites and potential eligible patients to participate in a specific study, trial or project. The site or patient eligibility criteria for a study or project is applied to OPCRD to identify suitable sites or patients. The relevant site(s) are then recruited from the OPC Network to participate in the relevant study or project. OPC can also recruits new sites to participate in OPCRD supported studies if required. Our patient and site recruitment support ranges from targeted site and patient identification, engagement and recruitment, to engaging with potentially eligible patients to get expressions of interest. 

The study recruitment support includes but is not limited to: 

Site Engagement and Recruitment 


  • Recruiting and contracting sites from the OPC Network 

  • Recruiting new practices outside the OPC Network if required 

  • Practice sign-on fee (subject to site discussions and nature of study) 

OPCRD Site engagement

Patient Engagement and Recruitment 


  • Practice coordination activities 

  • EMR data extraction and prospective data collection 

  • Data quality checks for study inclusion/exclusion criteria 

  • Patient identification (through EMR) and invitation 

  • Pre-screening activities, expressions of interest and data entry 

  • Our site and patient recruitment service does not cover study procedures and activities beyond expression of interest from patients. Additional study procedures and delivery activities are costed separately based on each individual study/project requirements (study procedures) and the nature of those requirements. 

Patient Engagement OPCRD

For pricing tailored to your project or study requirements

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