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Patient and Public Workshops

Unlocking the Power of Healthcare Data for a Healthier Tomorrow

We aim to integrate the perspectives and insights of patients and the public at every phase of our research, ensuring that public data is employed in a transparent and trustworthy manner to enhance lives. 


We ran some Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) workshops to find out what the public had to say about their health data being used for research and how it could directly benefit the public and improve healthcare outcomes. 

Patient and Nurse

Here is what they had to say:

56 years, female

“Researchers who are experts using my data is only a good thing"

24 years, male

"Researchers using my health data to create tools that benefits society and can predict diseases can only be a good thing for our future"

77 years, male

“Researchers predicting diseases that I have a chance at reversing by changing my behaviour is something I could get behind.”

Why PPI matters in health data research 

Research: In the realm of health data research, PP acts as a guiding compass. By involving patients and the public in the conceptualisation and planning of research projects, we ensure that the studies align with real-world concerns and have a direct impact on improving healthcare outcomes.


Service Design: PPI extends its influence into the design phase, shaping services based on the actual needs and preferences of those who will benefit from them the most – the patients. This collaborative approach ensures that services are not only effective but also user-friendly and tailored to the diverse needs of the population.


Data Collation: The collection of health data is a delicate process that requires a deep understanding of the conditions and experiences of individuals. By involving the very people whose data is being collected, we guarantee a more comprehensive and nuanced dataset that truly reflects the diversity of health conditions.


Storage and Sharing: Transparency and ethical practices are paramount when it comes to storing and sharing health data. PPI acts as a guardian, ensuring that data is handled responsibly and in a manner that respects privacy concerns. This not only adheres to regulatory standards but also builds public trust in the entire research process.


Join research in the journey towards a healthier tomorrow. Your health data isn't just a record—it's a force for positive change. Together, let's shape a world where our collective well-being is the driving force behind medical breakthroughs and improved public health.

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