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Bespoke Datasets

OPC has the ability to create bespoke datasets for research and quality improvement projects. This can include linking part (or the whole) primary care electronic healthcare record with patient or clinician questionnaire responses and/or ‘in-clinic’ collected data. This involves supporting the practice to run clinics designed to capture additional biometric and test result data which are not routinely collected. 

OPCRD Bespoke Datasets

This capability is deployable to any GP practice in the UK regardless of clinical system. Our bespoke research datasets can be potentially linked to additional datasets such as Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES).

These datasets can be created either as a single, one-off, retrospective dataset, or generated on an ongoing basis to support a prospective study or programme. 

If you would like to find out more about how OPC can support you to build bespoke datasets for your project, please get in touch. 

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